Insight: 2016 Idents (1)

Insight launched in the UK and Ireland on April 5th 2016. The channels on screen branding was created by CapeRock. A typical junction before a programme begins consists of an ident from this page, a menu and an ident from the 2016 Idents (2) page.

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Talent Idents

15 second talent idents with accompanying 5 second short versions.

Demolition ident © TERN

Desert ident © TERN

Iceberg ident © TERN

Magic ident © TERN

Obstacle Course ident © TERN

Zipline ident © TERN

Logo Idents

5 second logo idents.

Build ident © TERN

Growth ident © TERN

Engine ident © TERN

Liquid ident © TERN

Temple ident © TERN

Magnetism ident © TERN

Wire ident © TERN