CBS Reality Idents & Presentation

CBS Reality is a reality television channel which broadcasts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. On 14 September 2009, it was revealed that the international arm of CBS, CBS Studios International, struck a joint venture deal with Chellomedia to launch six CBS-branded channels in the UK during 2009. The new channels would replace Zone Romantica, Zone Thriller, Zone Horror and Zone Reality, plus timeshift services Zone Horror +1 and Zone Reality +1. On 1 October 2009, it was announced that CBS Reality, CBS Reality +1, CBS Drama and CBS Action would launch on 16 November 2009 replacing Zone Reality, Zone Reality +1, Zone Romantica and Zone Thriller. On 5 April 2010, Zone Horror and Zone Horror +1 were rebranded as Horror Channel and Horror Channel +1, following the rebrand of the portfolio’s other three channels in November 2009. On 1 August 2012 Chellomedia revealed that the European version of Zone Reality would be rebranded into CBS Reality as well. In Europe CBS Reality replaced Zone Reality on 3 December 2012. As of 2 April 2014, CBS Reality is available on Freeview (EPG 66) in the United Kingdom. CBS Reality +1 is available on YouView (TalkTalk Plus TV) channel 484 as of 27 July 2014.

Link to the Official CBS Reality UK Website

CBS Reality Current Idents & Presentation

On 18 April 2017 CBS Reality introduced new idents and presentation. The new look was created by Holman and Hunt and the sound design composed by Echoic. The new idents are based on the theme of portraits that portray powerful messages from inspiring individuals. Other design elements are based on a yellow smoke.

CBS Reality 2013 to 2017 Idents & Presentation

CBS Reality launched new on air presentation on 10 April 2013. A refreshed logo design was also introduced. The new look was created by Studio Hansa. In each ident the CBS ‘Eye’ acts as portal to the channels content. A 42 Second ident based in a Laboratory was created for the channel but is rarely seen in its entirety, instead shorter individual snippets are used as idents. A second batch of themed idents were created featuring bold Characters. Unlike the Laboratory ident the Character idents do not have a full length sequence.