Sky One: 2017 Miscellaneous Presentation

On Monday 9 October 2017 Sky1 was rebranded back to Sky One. Its new presentation takes a step back to a 2D world where the Sky One logo is depicted as Popcorn, Computer icons etc

Also in this section: Sky One: 2017 Idents


Sky One Popcorn Sting 2017 The first sting based from the Popcorn ident. © Sky UK

Sky One Telegram Sting 2017 The elements of the Sky One logo appear to the sound of a telegram in this sting. © Sky UK

Sky One Bicycle Bell Sting 2017 The Sky One logo forms to the sound of a bicycle bell. © Sky UK

Warning Bumper

Sky One Warning Bumper 2017 A generic ident of sorts, a 3D representation of the new logo with the soundtrack from the 2016 presentation carried over. Used mid programme to warn of flashing images. © Sky UK

Trailer Graphics

Sky One Trailer Graphics 2017 The 2016 trailer graphic design is retained and updated with a blue backdrop. © Sky UK

End Credit Promotion

Sky One ECP 2017 16:9 – 1 Programme Version © Sky UK

Sky One ECP 2017 16:9 – Cross Channel Promotion Version © Sky UK

In Programme Promotion

Sky One IPP 2017 © Sky UK