TV3: 2015 Idents & Presentation

TV3 launched new on air presentation on 7 January 2015 at 7am. The new look co-insides with the launch of the channels new Irish soap ‘Red Rock’ which launched the same day at 20:30. The new look features the channels new slogan ‘We Entertain’. Only one ident was launched featuring a neon 3 located in an empty studio. A matching sting and programme menu were also launched. The presentation on this page was created by Image Now.

Ident We Entertain © TV3 Group

Ident Subtitles © TV3 Group
Note the ‘We Entertain’ tag is removed from the ident when subtitles available tag is displayed.

Ident Media Brand of the Year © TV3 Group

Crime Scene ident © TV3 Group

News ident © TV3 Group

Entertainment ident © TV3 Group

Investigation ident © TV3 Group

Showbiz ident © TV3 Group

Family ident © TV3 Group

Rugby ident © TV3 Group

Menu We Entertain © TV3 Group

Sting © TV3 Group

Trailer Graphics © TV3 Group