Channel 4 Idents & Presentation

Channel 4 is the flagship channel of Channel Four Television Corporation.

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Channel 4 Current Idents & Presentation

Channel 4 introduced a new collection of idents 14th June 2023. According to Channel 4 “the idents draw on the concept of ‘4’ as a traveller which acts as a companion for viewers through limitless worlds of content. The iconic Channel 4 logo is the central axis of each film as the camera continually loops through the logo itself to show thought-provoking and dramatic scenes that form a part of Channel 4’s ‘Altogether Different’ reflection of the UK.”

Channel 4 2017 to 2023 Idents & Presentation

At 9pm on Tuesday the 29th of September 2017 Channel 4 unveiled the channels first major rebrand since 2004. Both idents and miscellaneous presentation was updated. On 31 October 2017 the second set of idents was introduced.

Channel 4 2004 Idents & Presentation

A new look for Channel 4 was launched on New Year’s Eve 2004. “the very latest special effects techniques” were used to showcase the Channel 4 logo in various locations around the globe. The idents were created by the Moving Picture Company.

Channel 4 Christmas Idents & Presentation