Pick TV: 2011 Idents & Presentation

On 28 February 2011 Sky3 was re-branded to Pick TV. Sky aimed to remove the ‘Sky’ brand from freeview with the exception of Sky News. The channels logo was designed by Zehra Ali Faik and the channel ident was created by Torquil Dearken.


Main ident © British Sky Broadcasting
An updated version of the Sky3 2011 became the main symbol of the channel. Note the Sky3 2008 twister ident soundtrack.

An Idiot Abroad ident © British Sky Broadcasting
A special ident for An Idiot Abroad was introduced in May 2013

Glee ident © British Sky Broadcasting
This ident for Glee was introduced in July 2013.

End Credit Promotions

ECP © British Sky Broadcasting
Original ECP design

ECP © British Sky Broadcasting
Updated ECP design – using the standard Sky ECP design used by Sky1, Sky Atlantic etc.