National Geographic Channel: 2014 Idents

In 2014 Nat Geo dropped the four generic ident it launched in March 2012, in favour of a new batch of idents. Programme specific idents remain unaffected by the changes. The new look was created by SuperEstudio:

Experimental, astonishing, warm, curious. Fantastic realities inspired by slow motion images, distorted gravity, reverse camera and macro shots. This was the creative approach to show NatGeo’s strong spirit.
Reloading a Natgeo pitch proposal made in 2011, we created 4 different live action IDs using almost no post-production or color retouching and 1 Id mixing live action with CGI. The goal was to represent the different topics included in the Natgeo programming within poetic, almost abstract environments.

Ident A © National Geographic Society

Ident B © National Geographic Society

Ident C © National Geographic Society

Ident D © National Geographic Society