Really: 2017 Idents & Presentation

On 29 May 2017 Really introduced new idents and miscellaneous presentation. A new tagline was introduced ‘Life on TV’. All of the idents are presentation elements feature a square motif.


Idents introduced on 29 May 2017

Really Firefigher ident © UKTV

Really Youth Worker ident © UKTV

Really Investigator ident © UKTV

Really Lightning ident © UKTV

Idents introduced on 28 August 2017

Really Motorist ident © UKTV

Really Police ident © UKTV


Really UKTV sting © UKTV

Really On Demand sting © UKTV

Really Blue / Green sting © UKTV

Really Black / White sting © UKTV

Really Purple / Orange sting © UKTV

Trailer Graphics

Really Trailer Graphics © UKTV


Really End Credit Promtoion A © UKTV

Really End Credit Promtoion B © UKTV