BBC Two Northern Ireland: 2009 Idents & Presentation

BBC Two updated its presentation on 16 June 2009. Many idents from 2007 were withdrawn including the 6 Cappuccino & Chase idents. The remaining idents were updated with the BBC Two logo moving location from bottom left to bottom right. The logo was updated to fade out half way through the idents.


Mirror ident Version 2 © BBC

Sunroof ident © BBC

Sunroof ident Stargazing Live © BBC

Tent ident Polar © BBC

Tent ident Festival © BBC

Tent ident Beach © BBC

Tent ident Star Gazing Live © BBC

Zoetrope ident © BBC

Promotional trails and end boards

Example of a promotion trail © BBC Northern Ireland

Examples of end boards © BBC Northern Ireland

End Credit Promotions (ECPs)

ECP (single programme, with image) In July 2013, the ECP design was revamped, moving the programme information to the right of the screen, putting an end to “credit squeezes”. © BBC Northern Ireland

ECP (dual programme, without image) © BBC Northern Ireland

ECP (dual programme, with image) © BBC Northern Ireland

‘Coming up’ graphics

Water graphic © BBC

Sign Zone graphics

Sub graphic © BBC