Updates 2018

September 2018

15th Virgin Media One: 2018 A second VM1 ident added.

August 2018

30th Virgin Media Three: 2018 Be3 becomes Virgin Media Three, coverage added.
30th Virgin Media Two: 2018 Coverage of 3e’s rebrand to Virgin Media Two added.
30th Virgin Media One: 2018 TV3 becomes Virgin Media One, coverage added.
18th TV3: 2018 Coverage of the new look TV3 promoting its change to Virgin Media One added.

July 2018

There were no updates in July 2018.

June 2018

There were no updates in June 2018.

May 2018

1st Sky One: 2017 Miscellaneous Three stings added.
1st Sky One: 2017 Idents Rollercoaster added and a clean version of the catchy DJ Scratching ident added.
1st Sky Atlantic: 2017 Westworld ident added.

April 2018

There were no updates in April 2018.

March 2018

5th Sky One: 2017 Idents updated.
5th Sky One: 2017 Miscellaneous updated.

February 2018

13th Sony Crime Channel: 2018 added.
13th Sony Crime Channel 2: 2018 added.
13th CBS Drama: 2018 added.
6th Insight: 2016 Miscellaneous one menu added.
6th Insight: 2016 Idents (2) numerous programme idents added.
6th Insight: 2016 Idents (1) three additional idents added.
6th Discovery: 2011 Special Gold Rush ident and two ECPs added.
6th RTÉ One: 2017 Special Idents two additional idents for Dancing with the Stars added.

January 2018

30th Disney Junior: 2011 added.
29th Quest: 2017 Idents added.
29th Quest: 2014 Miscellaneous added.
29th TruTV: 2015 added.
29th Cartoon Network: 2017 added.
29th Cartoonito: 2007 added.
29th Nicktoons: 2014 added.
28th History: 2010 Idents added.
28th History: 2010 Miscellaneous added.
28th History: 2011 Special added.
22nd Military History: 2008 added.
22nd Together: 2018 Long ident added.
21st Lifetime: 2017 New ident and three stings added.
21st Sky One: 2017 Miscellaneous one sting added.
21st Sky One: 2017 Idents Movies ident added.
21st Comedy Central: 2015 Special Bobs Burgers and Roast Battle idents added.
21st Comedy Central: 2015 Idents updated.
17th Together: 2018 added.
13th Explora: 2014 added by Edmund with thanks to Pierfrancesco for the recordings.
5th MTV Hits: 2017 added.
4th MTV Dance: 2017 added.
1st BBC One: 2017 Idents Two new idents added.
1st MTV Xmas: Christmas 2017 One ident added.
1st VH1: Christmas 2017 Remaining idents and stings added.
1st Sky One: Christmas 2017 Fireworks ident and sting added.
1st Disney XD: Christmas 2017 added.